Wednesday, May 8, 2013

7 Company providers of the world's best mercenary

Businessinsider, Wednesday, April 24, 2013, to record various mercenary companies that have the largest fighting force:
1. G4S Security Giant 

Security Giant employs about 625 thousand people and made as a private company with the second largest workforce in the world, second only to Wal-Mart.
In addition to securing bank focused, private prisons, and private airports, G4S also go directly to the field of conflict in various parts of the world. In 2008, ArmorGroup, G4S elite troops, deployed 9,000 troops to protect non-military supply convoys in Iraq.
Security Giant has branches in 125 countries, including in dangerous areas such as Africa and Latin America. G4S offers security services to government agencies and the private sector to secure the vital objects, landmine clearance, intelligence training to soldiers.

2. Unity Resource Group 

The company is based in Australia and has 1,200 staff around the world. Various army veteran Australian, U.S., and Britain joined the firm as a mercenary.
The company became known after receiving the task of maintaining the Australian embassy in Baghdad. In 2010, these mercenaries are responsible for two cars controversial shootings in Iraq, which led to an Australian professor of civil and two women were killed.

3. Erinys 

Erinys was awarded a contract from the U.S. State Department to Iraq. Its mission is to deploy about 16,000 troops to maintain 282 locations in Iraq, especially securing oil pipelines, oil and gas blocks, and other energy assets.
Erinys is also well known in Africa. Recently got two contracts from the Republic of Congo to secure oil and gas projects and mining of iron ore.

4. Asia Security Group 

Founded by Mashmat Karzai, a cousin of Afghan President, Hamid Karzai. Asia Security Group is the largest security company in Afghanistan to 600 soldiers.
Headquartered in Kabul, getting millions of dollars in contracts from the U.S. military to protect the convoy of coalition forces in southern Afghanistan. In addition, the company is affiliated with another mercenary company, DynCorp.

5. DynCorp 

Based in Virginia, USA, is one of eight private military companies selected by the U.S. State Department to remain in Iraq as U.S. troops officially out of Iraq.
The company managed to earn U.S. $ 3.4 billion and is active in Africa, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. Has about 10 thousand troops. The company has a good reputation, due to join the crush rebel groups in Colombia and the anti-drug mission in Peru. In addition, DynCorp participate disarm fighters in Somalia, Liberia, and South Sudan.

6. Triple Canopy

One private contractor troops that participated replace U.S. troops in Iraq, Triple Canopy, deploying 1,800 soldiers in the country. Triple Canopy grossed U.S. $ 1.5 billion contract to replace the U.S. troops in Iraq.
Various Iraqi companies were using the services of Triple Canopy. A review of the company is well-trained, professional, and have high flying hours. Currently, have around 3,000 troops, mostly from Uganda and Peru.
Triple Canopy was also hired to secure U.S. and Israeli embassies in Haiti.

7. Aegis Defense Services

 Aegis focus to provide security services for oil and gas companies, the U.S. government and the United Nations (UN). Has a force of about 5,000 soldiers in the world. Currently, Aegis is active in Afghanistan and Bahrain. Many oil and gas companies that hire the services of Aegis.

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