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B. J. Habibie, Holder 46 Patents in the Field of Aeronautics

Outer skin may look smooth silky flawless. But who knows, it porous side. This uncertainty facing the aircraft industry until 40 years ago. Users and manufacturers alike do not know the exact extent of body aircraft still operated reliably. As a result, it can be fatal. In the early 1960s, airplane disasters still occur due to construction damage that is not detected. Tiredness (fatigue) on the body is still difficult to detect with the limited tools. There is no scanner with laser sensor powered computer data processing unit, to overcome this problem prone.
Fatigue critical points are usually on the connection between the wing and the fuselage or the wings and engine cradle. Elements are experiencing violent shaking and constantly, both when he was taking off or landing. When taking off, the connections receive air pressure (uplift) is great. When touching the ground, this also bear part of the violent crushing of the fuselage. Metal fatigue ensued, and it was the beginning of the cracks (crack).
Point propagation, which sometimes ranging in size from 0,005 millimeters that continue to propagate. Increasingly becoming elongated and branched. If not detected, the stakes are high, because it could be instantly broken wing when the plane took off. S world certainly very concerned, especially when the machines also began to change from propeller aircraft to jets. The greater the potential for fatigue.
At that moment appeared young genius who tried to offer solutions. He was only 32 years old. Posture small but very energetic demeanor. He is Dr. Ing. Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, men born in Pare-Pare, South Sulawesi, on June 25, 1936.
Habibie was the one who then discover how to crack propagation point it worked. The calculations are quite detailed, up at the count of atoms. By the world of aviation, Habibie theory was then called crack progression. From this Habibie dubbed as Mr. Crack. This theory certainly make aircraft safer. Not only can avoid the risk of falling plane, but also makes maintenance easier and cheaper.
Prior to the point of crack can be detected early, the engineers anticipate the possibility of a rift emerged construction by raising safety factor (SF). The trick, increasing the strength of construction materials well above the theoretical requirement. As a result, heavier materials needed. For airplanes, steel combined with aluminum material. But after a point can be calculated crack the degree of SF can be lowered. For example, selecting a mixture of material wing and a lighter airframe. Portion of reduced steel, aluminum dominates the aircraft body. In the aviation world, the famous breakthrough as Habibie Factor.
Habibie factors could ease the operating empty weight (the weight of passengers and aircraft without fuel weight) up to 10% of the previous weight. Even this figure could drop to 25% after Habibie smuggle into the composite material fuselage. But this did not make weight reduction a maximum take off weight of his (the total weight of the aircraft plus passengers and fuel) come slump. That way, in general haulage and aircraft increased home range farther. So economically, aircraft performance can be improved.
Habibie Factor was also instrumental in the development of technology merging parts per airframe parts. So that the cylindrical fuselage connection with the oval side wings capable of withstanding air pressure while the body of the plane took off. So also in connection with the landing gear fuselage is much more sturdy, so it can withstand the load when the plane landed. Factors that jet engines to add the potential for fatigue to be dropped.

A magazine published by Technology Jakarta once called Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie as "Multidimensional Man". This title was very favored Habibie. Moreover, the nickname came not long after won the award "Theodore van Karman". Yes, grace prestigious international level gathering place for leading experts in aircraft construction. Habibie also known as "Mr. Crack" because of his expertise crack propagation on random counting down to the atom-atom plane. In the world of science and technology, aerospace experts familiar with the so-called Theory Habibie Habibie Factor, Habibie function.

Third Former President, The Genius scientist aircraft construction, this is always a hot issue. During the heyday of gold carried by a myriad of positions, he was the man most multidimensional in Indonesia. He is intelligent man who could bring the magic ten thousand hopes advances in technology for the glory of this country.
Rather strange, indeed, of the nation on this one. He's only a year studying at ITB Bandung, 10 years of college to earning a doctorate aircraft construction in Germany with honors Summa Cum laude. Then worked in the aircraft industry leading MBB Gmbh Germany, prior to the call of President Soeharto to return to Indonesia.
In Indonesia 20 years he served as Minister of State for Research and Technology / Chief BPPT, leading the 10 state-owned enterprises Strategic Industries, selected MPR became Vice President, and was sworn in by the Chief Justice to replace President 2nd President Suharto.
That figure and a brief flashback journey BJ Habibie, men born in Pare-Pare, June 25, 1936 this. He is full of controversy and is the most multi-dimensional human figure in Indonesia. So many of his friends and almost that much more people who do not agree with sepakterjang aircraft industry leaders world-class which received various awards, one of which is the most classy Theodhore van Karman Award, which is awarded by the International Council for Aeronautical Sciences) at the annual meeting and 18th ICAS congress held in Beijing, China in 1992 from the Government of China.
When he founded the ICMI (Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals Association) and was asked to become Chairman of, for example, as well as the antithesis stand Democracy Forum (FORDEM) leader Abdurrahman Wahid alias Gus Dur populist and egalitarian and inclusive. ICMI, which is the next trip practically become a political force Habibie, Abdurrahman accused of being sectarian because it is not good for the future of a pluralistic nation such as Indonesia.
On August 10, 1995 when he succeeded in flying an aircraft N-250 "Gatotkoco" commuter class and made original design the nation's best sons who joined the PT Nusantara Aircraft Industry (IPTN, now Indonesian Aerospace, PT), he attacked the other economic actors that required the people of Indonesia are rice instead of "toy" airplane.
Macroeconomic thinking Habibie famous Habibienomics, presented by circles as other thoughts as Widjojonomics counter (which is really a Soehartonomic). When Habibie succeeded in doing trade-aircraft buy "Tetuko" CN-235 with Thai sticky rice Itam, he diledekin, the aircraft only class glutinous Itam.
And most warm controversy was when he offered broad autonomy or self-determination freely to the people of East Timor, one of Indonesia's youngest province seized and painstakingly maintained by the Soeharto regime. Whoever he is certainly the man to be free, including the East Timorese independence, so that when the poll was free choice to self-determination (independence) is absolutely superior.
And most warm controversy was when he offered broad autonomy or self-determination freely to the people of East Timor (Timor), Indonesia's youngest province asatu captured and maintained with difficulty by the Soeharto regime. Whoever he is certainly one of the people want free software, including Tim-Tim. So when the poll was free choice to self-determination (independence) unggulk independent.
Timor issue, one that is considered to be the cause of rejection of Habibie's accountability speech in the General Assembly of People's Consultative Assembly election results 1999. Best most democratic elections after the 1955 election. This refusal makes BJ Habibie was not willing to go forward as a presidential candidate (candidates).
When Habibie became president almost no day without a demonstration. Demonstrations that urged Habibie responds demands for reform in many areas of national life, such as press freedom, political freedom, freedom of political recruitment, freedom of association and to establish political parties, free tried, and various other freedoms. But despite Habibie responded to the demands of reform, the government still considered a continuation New Order. 518 day-old government, which is only considered a transitional government.
Habibi desire to accelerate development in the industry is already beginning to Fly aircraft Nusantara (IPTN) by running programs over the four stages of technology evolution accelerated "begins and ends at the beginning of the end."
The four stages of technology diffusion, first, producing aircraft under license ituh of another aircraft industry, the result is a licensed NC 212 CASA of Spain. Second, make airplanes together, the result is "Tetuko" CN-235 with a capacity of 30-35 passengers a production collaboration between aqual between IPTN with Casa Spain.
Thirdly, integrating the entire system construction technology and the most advanced aircraft in the world into something completely new design, the result is "Gatotkoco" N-250 with a capacity of 50-60 pemumpang technology developed by fly-by-wire.
Fourth, make airplanes based on the results returned from the initial research, named N 2130 projected capacity of 130 passengers with development costs estimated at around 2 billion U.S. dollars.
Four stages of technology diffusion is accelerated defined "begins and ends at the beginning of the end," the common understanding is elusive. Habibie be carried away with wishful thinking technology that does not meet the basic needs of Indonesian technology, which turns nenbuat whole bike just yet until.
New Order government was very indulgent four stages of technology transfer programs Habibie by placing a variety of projects as a strategic industry that suck up a lot of money. One of them, the most spetakuler, is IPTN, which require subsidies.
When the period of reform, the IMF put in LOI (Letter Of Intent), that the Indonesian government could no longer subsidize IPTN, (This company later became IPTD). Auto companies are already preparing a new production program, was forced to lay off and laid off 6000 employees.
Then, on the occasion of the declaration of the establishment of Community Scientist and Technology Indonesia (MITI), Habibie said IPTN destruction was the work of the IMF that the Government of Indonesia to help inhibit the development of aircraft by stating the subsidy removal clause in the Letter Of Intent (LOI).
Nationalism Habibie's wife is the main reason to go back and forth to stay in Germany. Life companion and friend of the joys and sorrows that have been known to children aged 14 years, Dr. Hasri Ainun Habibie. Fourth daughter of H. Mohammad Besari it's called lying undergoing treatment at a hospital in Germany. Habibie want to always be able to accompany his wife, and he hoped his wife would also be able sealu side. According to his medical team, Hasri Ainun not justified tropical living or visiting the stricken area because of high humidity. Because of this, the doctors recommend to stay in Germany until completely healthy.
Nevertheless, the return to the homeland Habibie presumably just because he wanted to be remembered as a good human being. "Maybe this time unconscious. But perhaps, useful one moment later, when I've gone up, "the man said, softly, 'writes Was this SCTV TV station, known to be very close to Habibie, who on July 2, 2002 broadcast live from Germany Habibie testimony in cases of gross human rights violations in East Timor for trial needs of the Ad Hoc Human Rights Court of Central Jakarta.
Habibie said the president was not everything. Although a genius to earn royalties on patents eight findings as a scientist construction of Airbus aircraft such as the F-16 and, he admitted there is still much much better than him. Long settled in the neighborhood really appreciate everyone's persona and personality, Habibie then define if you want to be appreciated that other people notice is the unchanging attitude towards the environment.
According to the status, position, and performance is not the reason for the change of the environment. That is why, when it became RI-1 Habibie attitude towards the environment remains unchanged. Even more revealing original character, for example, does not want to shut up and move at will when the existing rules of protocol that must be adhered to.

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