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Biography B.J Habibie

The third President of the Republic of Indonesia, Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie was born in Pare-Pare, South Sulawesi, on June 25, 1936. He was the fourth child of eight children, couples Alwi Abdul Jalil Habibie and RA. Tuti Marini Puspowardojo. Habibie, who was married to Hasri Ainun Habibie on May 12, 1962 was blessed with two sons namely Ilham Akbar and Thareq Kemal. Habibie through childhood with his brothers in Pare-Pare, South Sulawesi. Firmly adhering to the principles of nature have been shown Habibie since childhood. Habibie, who had a penchant for riding horses and reading is known to be very smart when they occupied the elementary school, but he had lost his father, who died on 3 September 1950 due to a heart attack while he was praying Isha.

Shortly after his father died, his mother and then sell the house and vehicle and moved to London with Habibie, after the death of his father, his mother drudge finance their children's lives, especially Habibie, because the willingness to learn Habibie later studying at the School Middlebare Gouvernments. In high school, he began to look outstanding achievements, especially in the exact sciences lessons. Habibie became a favorite figure in the school.

Because of his intelligence, Bandung After graduating high school in 1954, he entered at the ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung), It was not until over there because he received a scholarship from the Ministry of Education and Culture to continue his studies in Germany, because given the Bung Karno message about the importance of aerospace and flight to Indonesia, he chose majors with specialization Construction Engineering Flight aircraft at Rhein Westfalen Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH) When I got to Germany, he was determined to sincerely dirantau and must succeed, remembering her mother's efforts to pay for college and life day-to-day. Several years later, in 1955 in Aachean, 99% of Indonesian students studying there be given a full scholarship. Only he who has a green passport or private friends of the other holidays holiday season is not just a golden opportunity for him to be filled with exams and seek money to buy books. After the holidays, all the activities were excluded unless learning. In contrast to her other friends, they are: more use of summer vacation time to work, gain experience and money without taking tests.  

 He received a Diploma Ing, from the Technische Hochschule, Germany in 1960 with cum laude predicate (Perfect) with an average value of 9.5, with a degree in engineering, he signed himself to work at the firm Talbot, a German railway industry. At that time the firm Talbot require a large volume of wagons to transport goods lightweight but big volume. Talbot require 1000 wagon. Got a question like that, Habibie tried to apply the methods of construction to make aircraft wings which he applied to wagons and finally succeeded.

After that he then continued his studies for a PhD at the Technische Hochschule Fuer Die Facultaet Maschinenwesen Aachean then Habibie was married in 1962 to Hasri Ainun Habibie, who then trafficked to Germany, the harder life, in the early morning Habibie sometimes have to walk fast to the much work needs to save his life and then go home at night and study for college, his wife Mrs Hasri Ainun Habibie had to queue up at the public washing place to wash clothes to economize on the needs of family life. In 1965 Dr Habibie get a degree. Ingenieur-rated summa cum laude (It perfectly) with an average value of 10 from the Technische Hochschule Fuer Die Facultaet Maschinenwesen Aachean.

The formula is found by Habibie called "Habibie Factor" because it can calculate cracks or Crack propagation on random until all atoms in the plane so that he dubbed as "Mr. Crack". In 1967, to honor Professor (Professor) at the Institute of Technology Bandung. from the same place in 1965. Genius and achievement is this that leads Habibie internationally recognized institution of whom, Gesselschaft fuer Luft und Raumfahrt (Institute of Aviation and Aerospace) Germany, The Royal Aeronautical Society, London (UK), The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (Sweden), The Academie Nationale de l'Air et de l'Espace (France) and the U.S. Academy of Engineering (USA). While it had won prestigious awards including Habibie, Edward Warner Award and von Karman Award which is almost equivalent to the Nobel Prize. Domestically, Habibie received the highest award from the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Ganesh Bhakti Praja Mangala Kencana.  

Habibie steps much admired, full of controversy, a lot of admirers but not a few who do not agree with him. Each time, winning the prestigious Theodore van Karman Award, the return of "habitat" of Germany, he is always in the news. Habibie only a year studying at ITB Bandung, 10 years of college to earning a doctorate aircraft construction in Germany with honors Summa Cum laude. Then worked in the aircraft industry leading MBB Gmbh Germany, prior to the call of President Soeharto to return to Indonesia.

In Indonesia, Habibie 20 years as Minister of State for Research and Technology / Chief BPPT, leading the 10 state-owned enterprises Strategic Industries, selected MPR became Vice President, and was sworn in by the Chief Justice to replace President Suharto became President of the Republic of Indonesia to 3. Soeharto handed the presidency to Habibie under Article 8 of the 1945 Constitution. Until finally forced Habibie also stepped down due consultation of the East Timorese voted for independence. Accountability speech MPR rejected. He was back to being ordinary citizens, also migrated settled back to Germany.

    I said to the President, I love money $ 500 million and N250 will be the greatest defeat aircraft ATR, Bombardier, Dornier, Embraer etc. and we do not need to depend on any country. But the decision has been taken and the employees, amounting to 16 thousand IPTN must earn a fortune in the land of the crazy again and buy us a plane of their country!

On May 22, 2010, Hasri Ainun Habibie, BJ Habibie's wife, died in Hospital Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat, Klinikum, Munich, Germany. He died on Saturday at 17.30 local time or 22:30 pm. Certainty of death Hasri Ainun Ali Mochtar Ngabalin certainty, a former member of Parliament who was appointed deputy BJ Habibie family. It's a very deep grief for former Indonesian President Habibie and people who feel lost. For Habibie, Ainun is everything. Ainun is to see his eyes. For Ainun Habibie is everything, filling you in his life. But every story has a end, every dream has a limit.

    "For 48 years I have never separated by Ainun, Ainun ....... my wife's mother. He follow everywhere I go with affection and a sense of patience. Dik, you are probably already used to living separately with his wife, you go agencies and the wife at home, but not with me. Gini yes ............ I would love this new information ........... I know that mom has cancer Ainun only 3 days earlier, there was no sign of ever and never any complaints out of the mother ......... " BJ Habibie said.

At the beginning of December 2012, a movie called "Habibie and Ainun" launched, the film is a true story about romance Lifting both as a teenager to become husband and wife, and when death separates them. The film is taken from the work of BJ Habibie's bestseller, this film worked on by two directors namely Faozan Rizal and Hanung Bramantyo, with actor Reza Rahardian as Bunga Citra Lestari Habibie and Ainun Habibie as.  

BJ Habibie's speech during his visit to Garuda Indonesia

Sis, you know, I was graduated from high school in 1954! "He opened the conversation with a unique style full of spirit and calling all attendees with the word" bro "and then he continued seamlessly" President Sukarno, Mr. proclaimed Republic of Indonesia, the most superior orator, was actually has tremendous vision brilliantly! He is the mouthpiece the People! He knew exactly as Engineer, Indonesia with thousands of islands geographically, requiring mastery of the national sound technology Technology

Maritime and Aerospace Technology. At that time, there was no ITB and no UI. The flagship high school students flocking schooled by President Soekarno abroad to gain knowledge Maritime technology and aerospace technology. I was among the second group of hundreds of high school students who specifically sent to various countries. Our education abroad was not a crash course education but school years while working practice. Since the beginning I was only interested in the 'how to build commercial aircraft' for Indonesia. So in fact Mr. Suharto, President of Indonesia is second only to continue the program alone, he is also not the originator of the idea of ​​the application of 'technology' in Indonesian national perspective. Then we woke up strategic companies, there PT PAL and one of them is IPTN.

Now Dik, you all see for yourself, it's not a plane N250 carelessly contrived! The aircraft was flown without experiencing 'Dutch Roll' (the term for a plane flight that 'shaky') redundant, tenologi aircraft was very sophisticated and prepared for the next 30 years, it took 5 years to complete the preliminary design, the only turboprop aircraft in the world the use of technology 'Fly by Wire' even to this day. The people and the country we need it! The aircraft had flown 900 hours (I forget exactly 900 or 1900 hours) and go one step further FAA certification program. IPTN special build N250 aircraft factory in the United States and Europe to market itu.Namun countries, the Indonesian is always just liked to be cynical and mocking yourself 'what might be Indonesian people make airplanes?

Suddenly, the President decided that IPTN closed and so are the other strategic industries.

Dik know in this world only 3 countries that cover strategic industry, one due to trauma with Nazi Germany, and China (?) And Indonesia. Now, all Indonesian tech experts had driven from their own country and they are scattered in various countries, particularly in the aircraft factory Bazil, Canada, America and Europe.

Whose heart is not sick watching it all?

I said to the President, I love money $ 500 million and N250 will be the greatest defeat aircraft ATR, Bombardier, Dornier, Embraer etc. and we do not need to depend on any country. But the decision has been taken and the employees, amounting to 16 thousand IPTN must earn a fortune in the land of the crazy again and buy us a plane of their country!

Pak Habibie sighed, Mr. Habibie continue the conversation ....

The same thing happens on the prototype twin jet engines narrow body, it's my inspiration appointed as Head of Project N2130. He is not for children Habibie, but this is a special school Ilham on manufacturing aircraft, if I actually only an expert in the field of metallurgy aircraft. If only N2130 passed, we all do not need to rely on Boeing and Airbus to build air bridges in Indonesia.

Dik, in any industry is only one key QCD,
- Q's Quality, sister, you have to make everything consistent high quality and the Cost-C, Dik, press the lowest possible price in order to compete with similar-D's manufacturer Delivery, get used to all production and high-quality outcomes with the most efficient and cost delivered on time! That's it!

Pak Habibie continued description of QCD as follows:
If I upamakan, the Q value is 1, C 1 then D value is also the value 1 also, if it add up to 3. But the workings of QCD is not so little brother, an organization that works in synergy so that it could be called QCD 300 or 3000 or even 30,000 all depends on how you do it, the operation should wear heart Dik "

Suddenly, Mr. Habibie as reflected for a moment to remember something ...

Dik, I was starting from rock bottom, until I was appointed as Deputy Managing Director of the leading companies in Germany and eventually became President, it was all not a sudden event. During the 48 years I have never separated by Ainun, Ainun my wife's mother. He follow everywhere I go with affection and a sense of patience. Sis, you are probably already used to living separately with his wife, you go office and the wife at home, but not with me. Gini yes, I would love the information ...... I just figured that the mother has cancer Ainun only 3 days earlier, there was no sign of ever and never any complaints out of the mother.

Pak Habibie sighed and looked once he was very emotional and deeply wounded heart, the whole room hushed and participate soluble pack Habibie emotional pain, especially since I'm without feeling tears start to well up.

With a trembling voice pack and a half sob Habibie continued ...

Sis, you know, two weeks after the mother left, one day, I wear pajamas barefoot and pacing in the living room alone calling out the name of the mother ... Ainun .... Ainun ........ Ainun ........ I am looking for a mother in all corners of the house.

The doctor who saw me after the death of the mother believes the development of 'Habibie could die within 3 months if it continues like this ...' they say 'We (the doctors) have to help Habibie.

The doctor from Germany and Indonesia gathered ago I gave 3 options;
1. First, I have to be treated, given a particular medicine until I can continue to live independently. This means I am crazy and should be treated in the Mental Hospital! 2. The second option, the doctors would visit me at home, I had to constantly consult with them and I have to take special medication. Just the same, meaning that I was crazy and should be watched constantly ... 3. The third option, I told them to write anything about Ainun, Ainun suppose as I told the mother was still alive.

I choose the third option ...

* (From the television show programs on January 27, 2012, P.Habibie told, there were 4 options, not 3, where the option is not mentioned above, P.Habibie asked to talk about anything about bu Ainun to doctors, about the same with option 2)

Suddenly, Mr. Habibie as remembered something (we are used to listen to him must also be advised that speaking style pack Habibie like jumping here and there and sometimes interrupted because his thought process seems to be faster than the speed of talk in conveying something) .. he continued his conversation;

Dik, today I am exactly 600 days left Ainun today ....... and exactly 597 days Garuda Indonesia Ainun pick and repatriate capital from Germany to the Indonesian side.

I do not want to express our gratitude in the mail ..... I am waiting for good days, weeks and months to find the right moment to convey my heart's content. Today was accompanied by my son and my nephew Ilham, Adri then I, on behalf of the whole family Habibie Habibie big thank you profusely, guys, Garuda Indonesia has sent a Boeing B747-400 to pick us up in Germany and repatriate capital to the ground Ainun water even bury in the Heroes Cemetery. It is indeed a great honor for our family. Once again, I thank you for the help Garuda Indonesia.

The entire audience was stunned and I was powerless to stem the tears again .......

After a gap of some time, Mr. Habibie continue the conversation;

Dik, so many hearts to Ainun expression, and some relatives suggested that all my writings recorded it, and I agree ...

The book actually tells the story of the fabric of love between two human beings. There was no element of ethnicity, religion, or race. This book is very universal, with a cargo of Indonesian national culture. Now this book at the request of many people has been translated into several languages, including English, Arabic, Japanese ..... (I forget exactly, but Habibie pack 4 or 5 calls a foreign language). Unfortunately it is only sold in the bookstore (Pak Habibie mention the name of the big bookstore), has printed 75,000 copies and sold out. Many people who want to read this book but do not know where to buy it. Some people in areas outside the major cities in Indonesia also complained where can buy this book in their city.

Sis, you know the origin, all the money from the sale of this book is not one rupiah to enrich or family Habibie Habibie. All money from the sale of this book put into the Foundation account set up by Habibie and Ainun mother to sympathize disabled, one of which is people with visual impairment. Pity they are actually able to work comfortably if you can see.

I give 30% discount for bulk buyers of the book I even add another 10% discount for them as I know, they are surely bought a lot of books for resale to others.

Once again, this book love story of universal human children since not had anything to become President of the Republic of Indonesia and the First Lady. It is very inspiring. "

Most of his work in calculating and designing several aircraft manufacturing project:
  • VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) DO-31 Transport Aircraft. 
  • Military Transport Aircraft Transall C-130.  
  • Hansa Jet 320 (Aircraft Executive).  
  • Airbus A-300 (for 300 people)  
  • CN - 235  
  • N-250  
  • And indirectly participated in calculating and designing:  
  • BO-105 helicopter.  
  • Multi Role Combat Aircraft (MRCA).  
  • of the missile and satellite projects.

Most Signs Service / honors:
  • 1976 - 1998 Director of PT. Nusantara Aircraft Industry / IPTN. 
  • 1978 - 1998 Minister of State for Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia.  
  • Chairman of the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology / BPPT
  •  1978 - 1998 Director of PT. PAL Indonesia (Persero).  
  • 1978 - 1998 Chairman of the Industrial Development Authority Batam Island / Opdip Batam.  
  • 1980 - 1998 Chairman of the Defense and Security Industry Development (Presidential Decree. 40, 1980)  
  • 1983 - 1998 Director, PT Pindad (Persero).  
  • 1988 - 1998 Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees Strategic Industries.  
  • 1989 - 1998 Chairman of the Agency for Strategic Industries Management / BPIS.  
  • 1990 - 1998 Chairman of the Association of Muslim Scholars se-lndonesia/lCMI.  
  • 1993 Daily Presidium Coordinator, Board of Trustees of Golkar.  
  • 10 March to 20 May 1998 Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia  
  • May 21, 1998 - October 1999 the President of the Republic of Indonesia


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