Friday, June 14, 2013

Will Mega Jokowi nyapres give blessing?

Popularity Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo (Jokowi) the day is increasing. A number of survey institutes also mentioned that Jokowi be at the top in the popularity level than the other figures.

Pressure and support from a group of elements of the community to nominate a presidential candidate Jokowi in the 2014 election to the increasingly widespread throughout the country. However pencapresan Jokowi considered difficult if the phenomenal it does not get the blessing of Chairman of the Democratic Party of Struggle Megawati Sukarnoputri.

By looking at the support and insistence as well as the results of a national survey pollsters against Jokowi. Will Megawati gives blessing to Jokowi to nyapres in 2014?

PDI-P has pleaded not keen to talk about the presidential election. Red bull party bearing the planning, will discuss the presidential candidates who will diusungnya after knowing the results of the legislative elections that will greatly affect the strength of the party in the parliamentary forum.

PDI-P politician Eva Kusuma Sundari said, pambahasan 2014 presidential candidate will be discussed by the party's national level in the party forum. This will be done after the legislative elections.

"PDIP consistently discuss pencapresan on time ie at the national level adjacent the party forum," said Eva to, Friday (14/6).

He explained that the mechanism that will be taken in selecting a presidential candidate who will be carried by the party through two stages. Namely, according to the results of the congress, he said, candidates submitted to Megawati, both through the national forum.

"Who wants to dicapreskan submitted 2 mechanisms: ketum or the forum," he stated.

Meanwhile, Eva continued, PDI-P pileg focus on winning, because the result is an investment election. "While we do not deny there is a possibility to boost the presidential election pileg factors, we will continue to follow the signs the market," he said.

According to the Member of Commission III, Jokowi opportunities for nyapres in 2014 is wide open. However, in the execution phase, not yet discussed now.

"Opportunities Jokowi there and open, but the execution is a matter of time, the party is not the stock market," he added.

He states, that can provide certainty whether Jokowi will be nominated for president by getting approval by Megawati only God knows.

"The only certainty could love God and bu Mega yourself," he said.

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